Glytactin BetterMilk

Glytactin BetterMilk (powdered formula) is a mix-with-liquid powdered metabolic formula for the dietary management of PKU that makes a creamy, milk-like beverage with a hint of sweetness.

BetterMilk comes in a variety of great tasting flavors and is available in a 15g fortification. All BetterMilk medical food formulas contain Glytactin, the proprietary, advanced formulation of glycomacropeptide and essential amino acids.

Notice: Beginning May 4th, BetterMilk will have 30 units per carton.

What Customers Are Saying

  • Harley loves her formula (Tylactin RTD) and she acts like a kid at Christmas!

    Sasha R

  • The Glytactin RTD Chocolate has a great taste, doesn’t have a gritty dry powdery taste. Actually tastes like an actual "milk shake".

    JD, Tennessee

  • I have MSUD, and thanks to Cambrooke, I have been able to increase the calories in my diet without increasing the protein, which has helped my energy, and focus in all areas-additionally it has helped me significantly in transitioning back to my MSUD diet after successfully giving birth to a healthy baby girl Thank-you Cambrooke.

    Rachel P., Massachusetts

  • We have loved Cambrooke products and services for over 10 years !!!

    Kami C., Massachusetts

  • Your products are excellent, customer service impeccable and shipping/delivery without fault. Thank you very much.


  • I appreciate how Cambrooke is really working with me on my PKU Diet. I feel as though we are a team.


  • If anyone is a chocolate strawberry fan, try a smoothie/ milk shake with strawberry BetterMilk, chocolate coconut milk, and some ice!!! It's like dessert for breakfast thank you for finally making formula... Anything but formula

    Michelle Y., Rhode Island

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